Apple iPads controversy

Francesco Pretelli
2 min readOct 22, 2022


There is so much controversy after Apple announced the new iPads, it is kinda funny to see and enjoy it.

The main controversy points are:

  • New iPad price
  • New iPad Apple pencil gen 1 support
  • Apple pencil USB-C adapter
  • iPad pro camera position
  • New Folio keyboard limited to new iPad

It makes me smile to read comments and watch Youtube videos of people getting upset and bashing Apple for the points listed above.

They make it sound like Apple is making the worst possible decisions ever, over and over, and yada yada..

Eventually I believe the new iPads will sell just like the old ones did or probably even better, depending on market trends.

Personally I think having a new middle iPad between the Air and the old base iPad is a brilliant move from business perspective, but it will also benefit the customers.

The base iPad is still there, for those who use it as consumption device, they can still buy it, for the same price.

The new iPad is for those who want to do a bit more but don’t need all the fanciness of an Air or the specs of a Pro.

The new keyboard is something I would love to have on all the other iPads, here I have agree that it sucks having different kind of keyboards for different devices.

The most funny part to me is the Apple Pencil adapter. I personally don’t think it is a big deal, mostly because you can buy a third party pencil which can charge via USB-C, just without pressure sensitivity.

I remember everybody was screaming at Apple when the Apple Pencil was first introduced, saying it’s silly having to charge it from the iPad.

Regarding the camera position, I do hope it will come for all the other iPads in the future. It might sound strange to introduce new models with different camera positions, but hardware design takes time.

Finally, if you are not happy with the choices given, don’t buy. After all, Apple is a for profit company, all their decisions are made to maximise profits and get money from customers in exchange of products and services.



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