Embark on a digital odyssey with iStory

Francesco Pretelli
3 min readNov 20, 2023


Your personal Apple device archive and photo journey

In a world where memories are captured in the pixels of our devices, the evolution of technology intertwines with the chapters of our lives.

Today, I’m excited to introduce iStory, a groundbreaking iOS app designed to elevate your digital experience by offering a unique and personalized journey through the Apple devices you’ve owned and the moments they’ve captured.

Unveiling your digital time capsule

iStory opens the door to a captivating digital time capsule.
Have you ever wondered about the array of Apple devices that have been a part of your life?
With iStory, you can seamlessly dive into your past and witness the evolution of technology at your fingertips.
From the iconic iPhone that captured your first selfie to the trusty iPad that accompanied you on countless adventures, iStory compiles a comprehensive archive of iPod/iPhones/iPad devices you taken photos with.

Relive every pixel: your photo timeline

Beyond devices, iStory intelligently organizes your photo library based on the device they were taken with.
The result? A mesmerizing photo timeline that takes you on a visual journey through your life.
Whether it’s the milestone moments captured on your iPhone or the artistic shots taken with your iPad, each photo tells a story, and iStory stitches them together for you to relive.

Discover the numbers behind your digital journey

iStory goes beyond nostalgia, offering a statistical lens into your digital history.
Ever wondered which device you’ve clicked the most photos with? Or the number of Apple devices you’ve owned over the years?
The app provides insightful statistics that unveil trends and patterns, allowing you to discover the technological and photographic preferences that have shaped your digital narrative.

Export your digital legacy: personalized infographics

iStory doesn’t just let you explore your digital legacy; it lets you take it with you.
The app allows you to export personalized infographics summarizing your device history and photo statistics.
Transform your digital journey into a visual masterpiece that you can share on social media or keep as a unique keepsake of your tech-savvy adventures.

Privacy first: your digital journey, your data

iStory can be used offline, no data is collected, shared, transferred.

Download iStory: your digital odyssey awaits

Ready to embark on a captivating journey through your Apple device legacy?
Download iStory now and rediscover the magic of your digital moments. Unveil the chapters of your life, celebrate the evolution of technology, and create a digital narrative that is uniquely yours.

Note: iStory is not affiliated with Apple Inc.



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